Our History

*  Current and past Shih Tzu club activities are listed below.  

My story is like so many of us who at some point lost a valuable pet companion and began searching for just the right one to fill the empty place left behind.  It was 1985 when I was first introduced to Shih Tzu.  At that time, Shih Tzu here in Wisconsin were not as widely bred nor widely known.  I came to find out, through my newspaper gleanings, that a Shih Tzu Club existed in the Milwaukee area and was about to hold a Sanction B Match open to anyone (now holds it's own AKC licensed Shih Tzu Club of SE Wisconsin Shih Tzu Specialty Show).  I enthusiastically went to the event, exhibited and immediately applied for membership.  I knew from the beginning that this breed was the right one for me and my family.  It provided a wonderful opportunity to have fun in the sport of showing purebred dogs. From that point on, I was interested in the breed's quality, history and related events.  More specifically, I enjoyed conformation exhibiting and found it to be a challenge.  A challenge to which I would make a commitment.  What drew me to the sport was the love and beauty of Shih Tzu.

I am a firm believer that careful planning, breed knowledge, is key to any successful breeder/exhibitor.  There is so much more to be learned about our breed via exhibiting them. I joined the American Shih Tzu Club in 1989. I have included pictures and information below of many of the wonderful more highly prized Best in Show Shih Tzu I've bred.  Additionally, I have had the pleasure of owning other wonderful Shih Tzu bred by terrific breeder fanciers, sponsored them to their championships.  The opportunity to carefully select the sires and dams, attend to every litter, take time away on the weekends to exhibit my Tzu, has been afforded to me by my family and friends over the years.  I want to thank my husband, Paul and daughter, Emily for their support, help and just plain tolerance!  I would also like to thank my Shih Tzu friends and fellow fancier breeders who were there for me when I needed them!  And, yes, I still need them.  Fine memories surface from attending the Chicagoland Specialty Show, the ASTC National Specialty Show, SE WI Specialty Show every year and the Twin Cities Area Specialty Show when I can spend more time away.  To learn more about Specialty shows, click 
Above is BIS/BISS Ch. Ista's Wicked Fantasy, ROM, or "Bad."  He was purchased by Greg and Tammarie Larson (Ista Shih Tzu).  Bad was a top quality, competitive dog in the show ring.  Among his accomplishments include Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club in '95.  We are very proud of Bad's most noted honor of ranking no. 5  in ASTC's historical record's top all-time champion producers, (49 champions -ASTC HRB).  To his credit as a sire, he produced 49 champions including two Best in Show winners.  He made his mark on the breed, his heritage can be seen in  pedigrees around the country and world.  Bad has passed on now and will always be remembered with much love and appreciation.   Thank you to Tammy and Greg Larson for the excellent care and love you've given to him and to Santana below.
"Santana" is from our breeding program as well and was purchased by Tammy and Greg Larson.  He is otherwise known as BIS/BISS Ch. Fantasy's Supernatural, ROM.  Like "Bad" above, his contribution to the breed can be found in many pedigrees across the USA, Canada and in many foreign countries.  He achieved quite an impressive winning record to the most noted position of number 2 and number 3 Shih Tzu in the U.S. for two years in succession (breed points).  He was also the sire of the no. 2 Best in Show Shih Tzu for 2004 and another group 1 winner.   Santana was another highly competitive quality Shih Tzu in the show ring and sire of top ranking Shih Tzu.   We congratulate his Eukanuba Classic 2005, 2006 Best of Breed winning son BIS/BISS  'Tiger' and multiple group winning BISw Ch. 'Bikini', 2009 Westminister K.C. Award of Merit son 'Tear'n'.   We are looking to the future with Santana's litter sister Ch. Fantasy's Guilded Lilly's daughters, grandson Fire, "Gladys,  and Gladys'es daughters and granddaughters!  (see Our Girls), and future offspring from Santana's full brother Ch. Fantasy's Get Shorty.    Santana (19 champions-ASTC HRB). We are very proud to own an outstanding solid black champion whose heritage is linebred on Santana, aka 'Steven' (see Our Boys).   Keep an eye out for our  news about future Fantasy kids in the ring!
Sire:  Am.Can.BIS/BISS Ch. Rojacky's Red Robin Fantasy, ROM
Dam: Tai Shan's Tickle Your Fantasy, ROM
Sire:  Ch. Miramar's Genetic Fantasy, ROM; Dam:  Ch. Symarun's Incredible Fantasy, ROM
* As a lifetime member of the Shih Tzu Club of Southeastern Wisconsin (STCSEW), I'm currently serving as Vice President and have served in many previous capacities to include the club's president.  I serve as a show chairman for the club's designated specialty show held the end of June and show co-chair for our regular combined specialty held in July.   As former member of the Shih Tzu Club of Wisconsin's Fox Valley where I assumed many positions (secretary, breeder referral, legislative liaison, etc...), I organized and completed the processing for it to become an accredited AKC specialty club and ASTC local club member.

*I've been a member of the American Shih Tzu Club (ASTC) since 1989 and served many terms as a Director on the ASTC Board of Directors ('05-'13), a contact for ASTC Breeder Referral, Health Research Education Committee, Bylaws Committee and was Chairman of the Education Committee for many years.  I am also an ASTC approved Shih Tzu Judge Mentor, receiving my breed training from both Richard & Wendy Paquette and Kristi Trivilino.  I currently am completing my requirements to become an American Kennel Club licensed judge for Shih Tzu.   I feel that continued breed education only helps to benefit our Shih Tzu and their owners.  

I would like to encourage anyone interested in Shih Tzu to visit the American Shih Tzu Club website, contact responsible breeders, select a responsible and helpful veterinarian(s), purchase the "Official Book of the Shih Tzu," by JoAnn White (see index page), subscribe to the American Shih Tzu Club's Quarterly periodical "THE SHIH TZU BULLETIN" and try to stay abreast of new information on the forefront regarding improved animal care and maintenance practices.  The ASTC has established a Charitable Trust Fund (tax deductable donations) to support continued health research.  For a more indepth knowledge of our breed's history, be sure to purchase the ASTC Historical Record Books.   For ASTC purchases and more information about the Charitable Trust Fund visit the ASTC's website -  http://www.shihtzu.org/
Thank you for visiting us at Fantasy Shih Tzu.  Please feel free to browse through our site and come back again very soon!  I'll be adding to our informational  resources and news as we go!
BIS/BISS Ch. Fantasy's Supernatural, ROM or 'Santana' - SHIH TZU REPORTER magazine, Summer 2005 issue has an article dedicated to "Santana."  
The breeding of Santana's parents (see left above) also produced two International Best in Show champions:  Int'l BIS Am. Itn. Champion Fantasy's All Dolled Up; Int'l BIS Itn. Champion Fantasy's Short Stop.  We're also very proud of Carol Randle's Canadian Shih Tzu Club's National Winners Bitch, Best of Opp. Sex., Canadian Champion Fantasy's Incredible Symarun ROM and Wendy & Richard Paquette's Can. Ch. Fantasy's Short Cut 't Wenrick.
Best in Show/BISS Ista's Wicked Fantasy ROM, aka "Bad" to your left as a puppy and your right at Madison Square Garden (Westminster K.C.) where he won best of breed in '95.
BIS/BISS Ch. Ista's Wicked Fantasy ROM 
Ch. Fantasy's Guilded Lilly ROM
BIS/BISS Ch. Fantasy's Supernatural ROM
Ch. Fantasy's Dr. Casey O'Aug.Moon ROM
Ch. Fantasy's N' Silhouette's Illusion
Ch. Fantasy's Rip N' Good Wee Luv
Ch. Fantasy's Geisha Girl
Ch. Fantasy's It Girl
Ch. Fantasy's Just April's Fool
Ch. Fantasy's Fire Dragon
Ch. Fantasy's Karmin
Ch. Fantasy's Crossfire of Chudon
Ch. Fantasy's Gladiola About U
Ch. Goldcard's Fantasy Jazzie
Ch. Fantasy's Amore Roberto
Ch. Fantasy's Spirit In the Sky
Ch. Fantasy's Adda Girl Marina
Ch. Fantasy's Slick Willy
Ch. Fantasy's Get Shorty
Ch. Fantasy's Benihana
Ch. Fantasy's Rachel
Ch. Fantasy's Dream of Genie
Ch. Fantasy's Oops I Did It Again
Ch. Fantasy's All Dolled Up
Ch. Fantasy's Shortcake
Ch. Fantasy's SL Flamingo Kid
Ch. Fantasy's Stone Lea Cloud Nine
Ch. Fantasy's For Hallmark
Ch. Chinatown Fantasy Figaro
Ch. Fantasy's Party Rock'n Girl
Ch. Fantasy's Diamond Girl
Ch. Fantasy's Special K Challenger
Ch. Fantasy's Artigas Easy Breezy Cover Girl
Ch. Fantasy's Straight Up With A Twist
Ch. Fantasy's Gangster Of Love
Ch. Fantasy's Fleur De Lis Madrigal
Ch. Fantasy's Scarlet Fever
Ch. Fantasy's King Of Cool at Charjalong
Ch. Fantasy's Tour De Force
Ch. Fantasy's Acapella
Ch. Fantasy's Inspiration At Sundown
Ch. Fantasy's Funny Girl
Ch. Fantasy's Hello Kitty
Ch. Fantasy's Lucky Strike
Ch. Fantasy's American Sweetheart
Ch. Fantasy's Secret Love
Ch. Fantasy's Summer Love
GchCh. Fantasy's Captain America a Lin'Dis
Ch. Fantasy's Candy Heart
Int'l BIS Ch. Fantasy's Just Strut Lotus Zephyr
Ch. Fantasy's Tour De France

Fantasy's Hot Line Lynette ROM
Fantasy's Flower Girl, ROM
Fantasy's Flower Child ROM elig. 

American Shih Tzu Club - 
Top Champion Producing Bitch 2015
Fantasy's China Girl ROM 
AKC Champions I bred so far plus any ROMs- might have forgotten someone:
Best In International Show champions and Int'l champions:

BIS Int'l Ch. Fantasy's Marilyn Monroe
BIS Int'l Ch. Fantasy's Shortstop
BIS Int'l Am. Ch. Fantasy All Dolled Up
Int'l Am. Ch. Fantasy's Shortcake
Int'l BIS AKC Ch. Fantasy's Just Strut Lotus Zephyr

Canadian Champions I bred:

Ch. Fantasy's Incredibly Symarun
Ch. Fantasy's Shortcut to Wenrick
Ch. Fantasy's Rock On At Sunside
Ch. Fantasy's Affair Of D Heart Sunside

Champions owned and finished partial list:

BIS/BISS Can/Am Ch. Rojacky's Red Robin Fantasy ROM
BISS Ch. PMT Fantasy's Rico Suave
Ch. Symarun's Incredible Fantasy ROM
Ch. August Moon's Fantasy Rose
Ch. Miramar's Genetic Fantasy ROM
Ch. August Moon's Late Nite Fantasy
Ch. Loubren's Dr. Mead ROM
Ch. Ista's Party Like A Rock Star
Ch. Carling's Fantasy Affair ROM

AKC Performance & Other Titles 

Fantasy's Almighty Bucky, CGC, TDH, (AKC Therapy Dog), RN (Rally Novice)
owned and loved by Gail Kipp

MACH Fantasy's Sir Chadwick Borne of Fire, NAJ, (AKC Novice Agility Jumper), OAJ (Open Agility Jumper), NA (Novice Agility) NF, owned and loved by Terry Fencl

Fantasy's Making Sweet Music, NA, MAJ, OA OAJ, AX, CL1, CL2, CL3, AGI-A, TGI, TBAD, owned and loved by Linda Schwartz

Interview published in the back of the "Complete Owner's Guide...Shih Tzu...."