Our Boys
Champion Miramar's Genetic Fantasy, ROM (multiple Best in Show producer)
Bobby's pedigree is included in many top and winning Shih Tzu heritages.  Bobby was health screened at the earliest possible date and thereafter.  Bobby is the sire of the no. 5 all-time top champion producing ASTC Shih Tzu "BIS/BISS Ch. Ista's Wicked Fantasy, ROM, "Bad."  More can be found out about Bad on "Our History" page and at his owner's website of Ista Shih Tzu.  I proudly owner/handled Bob for most of his championship, including a Best in Specialty Show win.   While Bobby is no longer with us, he made a wonderful contribution that will long be remembered.  9/22/90-12/22/06    You can find him behind many beautiful top winning Shih Tzu in the U.S. and abroad today.  Shown in the picture to your left by Tammarie Larson to his Best in Show title in Duluth, MN.  I will always remember this win and wish to especially thank Tammarie for her beautiful presentation.   Bobby sired 24 champions (ASTC HRB).
While Gene is no longer with us, his stamp on our breed will continue through so many winning Shih Tzu.  He offered wonderful breed type that we feel is important to preserve.  Gene made and is making a wonderful contribution and will always be loved and remembered.  You will find my breeding between Gene and Betsy (see Our Girls) in the pedigrees of many Best In Show Shih Tzu and many champions here and around the world.  The breedings between this pair served (and is continuing to serve) many serious fanciers as a solid foundation for their breeding programs.  The breeding of Gene and Betsy (a Bobby granddaughter) can be found in every Fantasy Shih Tzu!  Sired 8 champions (ASTC HRB)
Ch. August Moon's Tommy Tunes
Ch. Jebar's What's Doin of August Moon
Ch. Gunning's On the Make O'Loubren, ROM
Miramar's Tapestry ROM
BIS/BISS Am.Can. Ch. Wychmiramar's Sweet Baby James, ROM
Miramar's Last Call of Dorworth

Ch. Fantasy's "Fire" Dragon  retired
Champion Fantasy's Fire Dragon  "Fire"  (sire of *5 AKC  champions)
Ch. Fantasy's Gladiola About U  (2 champs)
Ch. Hallmark Jolei Dream Lover ROM
Ch. Fantasy's Guilded Lilly ROM 
"Fire" comprises most of the pedigrees we've been working with including a lovely champion addition from Hallmark Jolei Shih Tzu.  He offers his wonderful personality/temperment, breed type, sound conformation and excellent balance to my breeding program.  Fire was shown owner/breeder handled to need his last major.  Sarah Bebee presented him beautifully to finish our boy.  Thank you Sarah!
Ch. Nan Su Harleyson David
Ch. Nan Su Harleyson David
Symarun's Fancy Face at Nan Su
BIS/BISS Ch. Shente's Jolei In Your Dreams ROM
Hallmark Posey Galore ROM
Ch. Miramar's Genetic Fantasy ROM
Ch. Symarun's Incredible Fantasy ROM "Betsy"
Ch. Ambiance In Hot Pursuit
Ch. Nan Su Liberty Belle Fantasy (same pedigree as Betsy's below)
Ch. Ambiance In Hot Pursuit
Ch. Nan Su Liberty Belle Fantasy (same pedigree as Betsy's below)
BIS A/C Ch. Symarun's Billy the Kid ROM
Can. Ch.Nan-Su's Dynamite Fantasy ROM (Bobby Daughter)
Below is a partial pedigree outlined in Red to show where Fire has been linebred.  
Fire finishes his championship at 11 mos. 
This is 'Fire" below in a pet haircut.   We enjoy seeing his structure, balance and expression without his long hair/show coat.
*ROM eligible  (ASTC's Register of Merit awards are offered to ASTC member owned 1) males who've sired  at least 6 AKC champions; 2) females who've produced at least 4 AKC champions)
AKC BISS CHAMPION PMT Fantasy's Rico Suave

Ch. Fantasy's 'Fire' Dragon congratulates his fourth champion, third champion son and champion producer Rico.

Rico finished his championship on 8/16/08 at 13.5 mos. of age.  He was owner-handled to two specialty point wins, a Best In Specialty Show (BISS) to accumulate a total of 10 points.  His professional handler Diane Ehricht showed him at the ASTC National Specialty prior to his championship campaign to win his sweepstakes class and very nice placement in the regular classes, then finished him for us in Mississippi winning three of  three days in a row to include his last major.    We feel he is a special representative of the breed in type, attitude/personality, overall soundness and he's just plain cute!!

Thank you very much Diane!!  

Sired & Owned by Susan Kilgore, Fantasy Shih Tzu
Bred by Martha TenPas, PMT Shih Tzu

Rico congratulations his new champion sons 'Justin' shown below and 'Robbie'' owned by David Ritchkoff, Madrigal Shih Tzu.  Also see webpage "Now Showing.:
BIS/BISS Am.Can. Champion Rojacky's Red Robin Fantasy ROM   (Retired)
 (ASTC winner of the Charing Cross Award for '94 for top champion producing sire)
Ch. Miramar's Genetic Fantasy ROM  (Retired)
Ch. Ista's Party Like A Rock Star "Steven" (RETIRED)

named after Steven Tyler of Aerosmith..:)  He has personality plus!!!

Steven is linebred on Best In Show champion BIS/BISS Ch. Fantasy's Supernatural ROM (Santana) and possesses outstanding breed type and the correct happy and outgoing personality for the breed.  We want to thank his breeders Tammy and Gregory Larson, Ista Shih Tzu..  

Steven finished his title while 10 months of age.  His dam  Ch. Ista's Beach Party "Bikini," is a specialty sweepstakes and specialty point winner, multiple group winner, '06 Eukanuba breed winner, ROM (Santana daughter); sire Ch. Ista's Rock Star is also a Shih Tzu specialty point winner.    Steven's grandfather (Santana son) BISS Ch. Ista's "Tear'n" was in the top three for breed points in the U.S.   Bikini won the ASTC's Best In Cutdown Sweepstakes '12.

Sire:  Ch. Ista's Rock Star; 
(Santana Grandson)
Dam:  BISSw Ch. Ista's Beach Party ROM 
(Santana Daughter)

owned by Susan Kilgore
CHAMPION Fantasy's Just April's Fool  (retired)
(Sire: BISS Ch. PMT Fantasy's Rico Suave; dam:  Fantasy's Cinnamon Girl)

Our red and white April Fool's clown 'Justin' finished his championship while 13 mos of age (born on April Fool's Day).  He is an exceptional Shih Tzu, a wonderful personality. I am very proud to be his breeder/owner.  He will be included in our future breeding program plans.   His sire is 'Rico' above and dam is 'Cindi' on 'Our Girls' webpage.  Much more information about his show career and via pictures can be found on our "Now Showing" webpage.   Thank you to all of the AKC judges who appreciated his quality and awarded him championship points and to Diane Ehricht for her outstanding care, handling/presentations. 
Champ Justin is now a champion producer and proud sire of:  1) Ch. Fantasy's Straight Up With A Twist, aka Martini, owned by Vicki  Carder, Jazzie Shih Tzu, 2) Ch. Fantasy's Gangster Of Love, owned by Susan Kigore and 3) Ch. Fantasy's Fleur De Lis Madrigal, owned by David Ritchkoff, Madrigal Shih Tzu.  Thank you Dan Haley for your superb professional handling and care of our Shih Tzu.   
*Ch. Fantasy's Crossfire of Chudon
 Ch. Destiny's Fantasy Clyde
 Ch. Fantasy's It Girl
 Ch. PMT Fantasy's Rico Suave
 Ch. Falling Star's I'm Always Fantasizing
Champion Fantasy's Amore Roberto aka "Robbie"  Retired
(Sire:  Ch. PMT Fantasy's 'Rico' Suave; Dam: Fantasy's Hot Line 'Lynette,' ROM)
 Lovingly owned by David S. Ritchkoff. Bred & co-owned by Susan Kilgore.  Robbie is a specialty 5 pt. winner who finished his championship almost completely ownerhandled at 15 mos.  Breeder ownerhandled for 11 points to include both majors and all but one single point by his owner, he greatly excels in temperament, breed type and soundness.  Thank you to all of his AKC judges for their point awards and to his owner David, Madrigal Shih Tzu.  

Congratulations on being invited to the 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship!

Ch. 'Steven sired champions: 

Ch. Fantasy's 'N Silhouette's Illusion, aka Ziggy, owned by Carol and Doug Brigance, Silhouette Shih Tzu, co-owned by breeder Susan Kilgore.  Ziggy (dam is our Ch. Fantasy's Geisha Girl) finished his title on Feb. 19, 2012 at 13  mos of age with 4 major wins. 
Congratulations to Carol & Doug!!!  

Canadian Ch. Fantasy's Rock On At Sunside, aka Rocky, owned by Mae Sy Parales Macantgay, Sunside Shih Tzu.  Congratulations to Mae & Rocky!!!

Ch. Fantasy's Party Rock'n Girl, aka Roxi, owned by Janet Long, co-owned and bred by breeder Susan Kilgore.  Congratulations to Janet Long and thank you to Pat and Don Rodgers, her professional handlers.  Roxi finished her championship with 3 majors, the last was a 5 pt. on Nov. 23, 2012. 

Ch. Fantasy's Scarlet Fever, aka Scarlet, owned and bred by Susan Kilgore. More about her can be found on 'our girls' and 'now showing'
 1) Congratulations to Karon Perron, Peradise Shih Tzu, on her new champion Robbie daughter:
Ch. Peradise I Am Vermont Strong, aka Raena. Raena was completely breeder, ownerhandled to her title by her breeder Karon and finished her championship 9/5/12.  We wish Karon & Raena all the best in and out of the show ring!! 

2)  Congratulations to breeder owner handler, Stacey Berg Bingham,  on her new champion Robbie son:  
Ch. Stacey B's Rock 'N Roll Fantasy who finished on 10/18/13 with 4 majors, all but last major was owner/breeder/handled. 

3)  A Ch. Robbie champion daughter, Ch. Madrigal's Moon Upon The Left, aka Lullaby, who finish her AKC title on 11/15/13, professionally handled by Dan Haley.  

4) A Ch. Robbie champion son:  Ch. Madrigal's Blame It On My Youth, aka Cole who finished his title on 5/17/15, professionally handled by Dan Haley.  

BISS Ch. Rico's Champ sired offspring:

Ch. Fantasy's Just April's Fool
Ch. Fantasy's Amore Roberto
Ch. Fantasy's Diamond Girl
Ch. Fantasy's Special K Challenger 
Ch. Fantasy's Easy Breezy Cover Girl 

Fantasy's Irish Rose (to be shown 2014)

Champion Carling's Fantasy Affair, aka "Bogie" ROM - Retired
(Sire: BIS/BISS Ch. Krissy's Tybee Dream Machine ROM; dam: CarLing Posh Affair)

'Bogie' finished his championship on May 18, 2013, while just over one year of age.  He was shown for his first three points from the puppy class owner handled (by me) before visiting with his professional handler Dan Haley.  With Dan he was undefeated from the classes winning three back-to-back majors, a Best of Breed and Group 3 over two specials and his remaining single points to complete his title.  Bogie's sire, BIS/BISS Ch. Krissy's Tybee Dream Machine, aka 'Chico,' is an ROM, was the American Shih Tzu Club's Best of Breed winner for 2010, and Best In Show winner.  His dam is of the best producing quality from Carling Shih Tzu.  We want to thank Jo Ann White, sire owner,Heavenly Dynasty Shih Tzu, Jennifer and Joanne Miller, Krissy Shih Tzu, Karen Bey,Tybee Shih Tzu, and Carlene Snyder, his breeder, Carling Shih Tzu, and especially Dan Haley, his professional handler, Zephyr Shih Tzu, for wonderful presentations to finish his title in a flash, and the many judges who can be found on our "Now Showing" webpage for recognizing his wonderful quality and breed type.   We are enjoying him immensely as a companion, and are including his genetic benefit in our breeding program.  Watch for his kids in the future!!  :) 

JAX finished his title in 6 shows, winning a 5 pt. major from the 9-12 month puppy class (finished at 11 mos of age).  He was expertly handled by Dan Haley.  Thank you Dan and all of his judges for this fine accomplishment.  More about JAX can be found if you scroll down to him on my "Now Showing" webpage. A lovely breeding to include Champion Fantasy's Fleur De Lis Madrigal, aka Leeza, who is JAX's litter sister.  Leeza finished her title in 5 shows with 5 major wins.  JAX now has three champion get to his name:  2018 -Ch. Fantasy's Summer Love, Ch. Fantasy's Secret Love.  
'Bogie' is now the proud sire of:

Ch. Fantasy's Tour De Force, aka Tori, finishing her championship on 4/20/15

Ch. Fantasy's Acapella, aka Ella, finishing her championship on 7/19/15

Ch. Fantasy's Inspiration At Sundown, finished his championship on 12/5/15.  "Preston is owned by Kim Guinn, Sundown Shih Tzu (CA).  

Ch. Fantasy's Funny Girl, Fanny, finished her AKC championship on 1/10/15 at 11 mos. of age.  She is a red mahogany tri color.  

Ch. Ryan's For Some Special Reason, aka 'Finnegan' is the fifth champion sired by Bogie.  He finished his title on 1/17/16 at 8 mos of age undefeated being shown in 6 shows.  He is bred, owned and handled by Jess Ryan of Ryan Shih Tzu (IL). 

Ch. Fantasy's Hello Kitty is the sixth champ sired by Bogie.  Owned by Janet Long of Charjalong Shih Tzu (CA), Kitty finished on 7/1/16.

Ch. Fantasy's Lucky Strike finished his championship on 7/10/16 at 9 mos of age.  "Striker" is owned by Rhonda Goldman (LA).   

Ch. Fantasy's American Sweetheart finished her championship on 1/26/17.  Red and white Amy is the second champ for her dam Fantasy's Flower Child, Daisy.

Ch. Fantasy's American Hero finished his championship on 5/28/2017.  Red and white Hero is the third champion for his dam and ninth for his sire Bogie. 

Ch. Fantasy Just Strut At Lotus Zephyr finished his championship on 3/16/19.  Justin is owned by Annette Lewis and Dan Haley and  makes his dam's 4th champion . Justin is now an International Best In Show Champion!!  Congratulations!!!!  :)
<<<CHAMPION FANTASY'S AMERICAN HERO ROM ELIG.  (left and below)  finished his title 5/28/2017 undefeated with his professional handler Dan Haley from the puppy classes.  He possesses outstanding personality, balance, color, markings and a lovely large head with beautiful expression.  He is the third champion for his mother, Fantasy's Flower Child and ninth champion for his sire Ch. Carling's Fantasy Affair, ROM.  He has and is a wonderful producer as our main stud dog, stamping out his attributes to his get.  Be watching for his kids in the ring!  :)  Sire of:

1)  AKC GCH CH. FANTASY'S CAPTAIN AMERICA AT LIN'DIS "Cappy" finished his championship on 3/7/2018, owned by Linda Mulder, Lin'Dis Shih Tzu, co-owned & bred by Susan Kilgore, Fantasy Shih Tzu.  Many thanks to Daryl Martin his best buddy and wonderful professional handler!!  :)
Cappy is now an AKC Grand Champion !   Congratulations!!!!  :)
2) AKC ChampionTu Chu Marja Time Bomb @Kylin, aka TY, finished his championship on 6/9/19 while still 6 mos of age!!!!   Congratulations to Kathy Kwait, Linda Davi and thank you to Mark and Jackie Stempel and Wendy Kellerman for superb handling.  
3) AKC Champion Tu Chu Marja Tea Time @ Kylin, aka Tia, finished her champion on 9/12/19 while 9 most of age.  Tia's championship makes her dam, Tu Ch Parti Time @ Kylin (Cutie) ASTC ROM eligible.  Many congratulations to all!!!  
4) Canadian Champion Fantasy's Girl On Fire at Sunside, (Lizzy) owned by Mae Sy Macatangay, finished her title on 2/2/2020.  Congratulations to Mae and her family!!  
5)  AKC Ch.Fantasy's Tour De France, (franco) won his championship on 2/8/2020. owned & bred by Susan Kilgore.
6)  AKC Ch. Fantasy's Code of Honor (Cody) finished while 11 mos. of age, breeder owner handled for a Specialty 5 pt major (WD, BW), Best in Specialty Sweepstakes and a single then onward to our wonderful handler Dan Haley who finished him in grand style with three Best of Breed wins over special to his title attained 9/30/2022.  Bred & owned by Susan Kilgore  
​7) AKC Ch. Fantasy's American Beauty (Bea) completed her AKC championship on Sept 30, 2023 making her sire, Hero, an American Shih Tzu Club Register Of Merit eligibility once confirmed very soon.  Thank you to Dan Haley for finishing all of those we've had in your care, Daryl Martin, Mae Macatangay, Kathy Kwait, Linda Davi, Mark and Jackie Stempel, Linda Mulder.  Thank you one and all!!!
CHAMPION Fantasy's Gangster Of Love, aka "JAX"  Retired
(Sire:  Ch. Fantasy's Just April's Fool, aka Justin   Dam:  Fantasy's Flower Girl, aka Eliza)

Champion Fantasy's Tour De France, aka Franco (below) Now Retired
Sire:  Ch. Fantasy's American Hero; Dam: Ch. Fantasy's Tour De Force
"Franco" completed his AKC Championship title (and AKC Puppy Of Achievement Award on Feb 1, 2020) with three major wins at 9 mos of age on February 8, 2020 under breed judge Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy.  Many thanks to his judges, especially to his professional handler, 
Dan Haley, for the wonderful work he accomplished with our terrific young puppy boy.
New AKC Champion Fantasy's Code Of Honor "Cody"
(Sire:  Ch. Fantasy's American Hero; Dam:  Fantasy's Amber Alert)
AKC Ch. Fantasy's Code of Honor (Cody) finished while 11 mos. of age, (dob 10/12/2021) breeder owner handled for a Specialty 5 pt major (WD, BW), Best in Specialty Sweepstakes, an NOHS Group 1 and a single then onward to our wonderful handler Dan Haley who finished him in grand style with three Best of Breed wins over special to his title attained on 9/30/2022. Bred & owned by Susan Kilgore  We are excited to see what he offers to our AKC champion dams.  
IABCA Grand Seiger Best In Show International Ch., ASTC Best In Specialty Show, AKC CHAMPION FANTASY'S LOUIS LE GRAND, "LOUIE" 
(sire: Ch. Fantasy's Tour de France; dam: Ch. Fantasy's Stunning Stella)

Louie wins his title in short order while still 10 mos of age completely breeder/owner handled in 4 shows, 4 major wins.  3 show wins taking best of breed over champions/specials. (DOB: 6/11/22) He is a lovely/handsome clear dark red and white with a very cute personality and breed type.  We love our Louie who will continue to be shown (when I can) to complete his grand championship--even though we already know he is le 'Grand' already.  More about his show record can be found on our "now showing" webpage..   Visit and scroll down there to find our latest show news and thank yous to our judges.   What fun we've had with him so far.  His puppies should carry his attributes as well by our calculations.  Watch for him in the future!