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Champions of Hearts
Whether you've added a Fantasy Shih Tzu to your life as a pet companion and/or a show prospect, we feel each one is very special.  An example of a Fantasy Shih Tzu from litter box to an AKC Championship.  Shown left is "Fire's" first sired litter of 4 girls, beautifully marked.  Right is the final championship picture.  (Ch. Goldcard's Fantasy Jazzy "Norah," owned by Ray and Vi Taus- repeat breeding of Gladys).
Here are a few candid pictures of many well-loved pet companion Shih Tzu I bred and took pleasure in placing with their new owners.  Thank you friends and owners for sending such cute and fun photos.   Each one is considered a champion (of the heart) in their own "forever" home.  Thank you for giving your sweetheart Shih Tzu a wonderful life!
Having fun with our friend.
It's a gnome.  No-it's Happy New Year!
Naptime for Buckley and friend Mia
Friend Derrick & "Cole" with Santa  "Merry Xmas"
Friends Joanne, Brooks, "Carmella" and Santa (left)
Carmella Mazur in her stroller.
Wrigley on his first birthday ..ooxxoo
Friend Gail and Buckley CGC agility weave pole and chute training.  Shih Tzu have been very successful in agility, obedience and rally events.
"Toby" Gannon
Celebrities "Lola" and "Estie"--you can see us on TV's Live at Five,  Channel 3 Madison- The 'News Hounds' and the end of the show around 5:25 p.m. or so.... 
Toby Gannon (below) enjoying early summer fun on a  fishing excursion in Wisconsin.  
Caroline & 'Ruby' 
Hi!  I'm Coco
Living the good life as pets with the Bloohm & Flood family....three peas in a pod...retired Champions 'Lilly" "Gladys" and Gladys'es son "Devon"

Thank you for giving our special Tzu a fantastic 'forever' home!!  :)  :)  :)

Hi!  I'm 'Sashi' Carollo
Left- 'Molly' & 'Maggie' Berry (litter sisters)  
Lynette & Rico daughters