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To help control the unwanted pet population or policy is:  "We do not sell stud dogs or brood bitches."  We sell pet companion dogs to loving and good homes on a spay/neuter contract.  Occasionally we place new champions in thoroughly screened show homes.  We additionally serve to help rehome any Fantasy Shih Tzu as the need arises.  We feel if every breeder provided this service, there would be a great decrease in unwanted/homeless/rescue Shih Tzu within the United States."  

Be wary of middlemen/brokers, pet stores, and those who sensationalize advertisements such as "champion lines"  from particular well known and other kennels, every color available, size, markings, etc" in newspapers, periodicals and on the web.  Words such as LLC (limited liability corporation) and/or USDA licensed are not necessarily stamps of approval.  Be sure to carefully read the fine print in any contract and try to make a physical visit to the premises where the dogs are kept and raised.  These descriptions can be signs of a backyard breeder or puppy mill behind a profit making scheme without enough responsibility taken for the genetics in their breeding program, security and welfare of the dogs/puppies they've produced and potentially of those for whom are in their own care.    Please be sure to speak to the actual breeder, not a broker or middle man.  
Thank you and we hope you visit us again very soon!  
Under my hat!
I encourage you to visit the American Shih Tzu Club's website's 'Breed Standard,' 'Illustrated Standard' pages for a much more detailed written and pictorial description of proper Shih Tzu conformation.  Please visit the many other educational pages as well on the site.
When selecting your next Shih Tzu from a breeder,  we recommend learning as much about the breeder and the breeder's dogs as possible.  It is valuable to visit to the breeder's home, any referral information about others with that breeder's dogs, a review of all documentation along with pedigrees.  Any breeder should be willing to share information with you and a visit with at least the dam (and if possible sire) of the puppies.    As with any purchase/adoption, if there is any hesitancy on your part, it usually is a sign to wait.  
Please use this article and checklist as an aid to help you decide if you're ready for a new Shih Tzu:

We welcome your pet puppy inquiries and any information you would like to find about our wonderful breed.   

Pictures, pedigrees and additional information provided upon request. We also have a waiting list which we encourage you to consider for inclusion at no cost.

As routine, all pet puppies are sold with an AKC Limited Registration, will have at least one puppy booster, worming and are parasite free.   A veterinary health record is provided with each individual puppy.  

You will receive from us a happy, healthy puppy from a carefully selected breeding.

While I served as an ASTC breeder referral contact, the American Shih Tzu Club no longer has individual breeder referral committee contacts but posts on its site all of participating member breeders contact information.  Visit here for listings:  

Two retired female champions available to loving forever homes this spring.  

*Litter due to be born:  First week in March of Ch. Fantasy's 'Candy' Heart and Ch. Fantasy's American 'Hero.'  (you can find photos on 'our girls' and 'our boys' also on 'now showing'--just scroll down to their names.  

*Litter planned to be born:  Last week in March of Ch. Fantasy's American Sweetheart (Amy)  and Ch. Su Chen's Strike It Rich.  Photos of on 'our girls' and 'now showing' webpages.

Litter born 1/1/2020 of Ch. Fantasy's Funny Girl (fanny) and Ch. Fantasy's American Hero of 4 males, one female.  Accepting reservations for two males only, female is reserved.  All with beautiful open markings, red, white and tri colors expected.  A reservation to be accepted for either gender only.

Be sure to check back to this page for any additional information on our available puppies and reservations.   Thank you!!

We will be planning selective breedings this fall with our champions.  See above as per planned litters.    

Inquiries invited, for more information please contact us:

920-748-5659 home; 920-896-3017 cell and/or write [email protected] 

See our Now Showing, Our Girls and Our Boys webpages for additional information about these beautiful sires and dams.  

Pedigrees, photos sent upon request. 

Feel free to contact us for more information and/or to be placed on our waiting list at no cost, or to make a reservation.  

Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses and interest in our puppies and retired adults! 
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Little Grady
Cindi & Rico as puppies
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